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Guidelines: Point Values for Unaging Characters

Being a great Tolkien fan, it was natural for me to use Middle-earth, the world from The Lord of the Rings, as the RPG setting of choice. I have made modifications and new rules appropriate for the setting both for the AD&D, which I had started with, and GURPS, which I still use.

One of the most specific elements in Middle-earth is a multitude of powerful immortal characters, like Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel, Tom Bombadil and Treebeard, to mention just a few. Using GURPS, my main problem about them was: how many points would they be worth?

There are several super or racial advantages (now put together in the GURPS Compendium I) which make the character effectively immortal -- besides the most obvious, Immortality, there are Unaging and Vampiric Immortality. With any of these advantages, you can have a character as old as you wish, and if a GM creates NPCs starting with concept and biography instead of the bare point value -- or when converting a character from an actual fiction work, like those above or, for instance, herbalist Nevyn from Katherine Kerr's Deverry novels -- it is hard to decide on point value of such a character.

Therefore I have constructed the following guidelines; they are not the strict rules, and can be changed and modified to fit an individual campaign. For example, in case of Middle-earth, Master Elrond would according to this guidelines have more than a thousand points, since he is some 6.000 years old (being born, together with his twin brother Elros, toward the end of the First Age). This is a little extreme, so you could rule that Elves, being immortal (in fact Unaging) by nature, regard the flow of time somewhat differently then Men, acquiring their skills and abilities at a much slower rate -- which is also in concordance with Tolkien's work. It would thus be appropriate to place Elrond somewhere near to 700-800 points, which is still way above any normal player character -- even in an extremely cinematic campaign.

This table shows the suggested point values for characters of various age:
AgeCharacter Point Value
up to 50100 pts*
up to 100100 pts* + 2 pt/year above 100
up to 500100 pts* + 100 + 1 pt/year above 100
up to 1.000100 pts* + 500 + 1 pt/5 years above 500
more than 1.000100 pts* + 600 + 1 pt/10 years above 1.000
(* Or player character value, if higher than 100.)

Some examples:
AgeCharacter Point Value
86 years172 points
267 years220 points
780 years690 points
1.800 years780 points
6.000 years1.200 points