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Favorite Magical Trinkets

by Lance Berg (emporer@success.net)

Due to the weird economic consequences of the GURPS enchantment rules, it is quite posible to creat a wide variety of magical objects with a very low cost. I call these objects trinkets: they cost less than say $500 each, the cost of an ordinary sword. They don't do anything earth shattering, but they can help out a lot, and they are easy for any character to afford.

What can you come up with, what are your favorites? [Feel free to mail me your ideas. -- Incanus]

A Purify Air ring, of all things - costs a whole $100.

by Jay Bryant (jay@bryantcs.com)

I had a character who hated smoke, and he was in a party with some dwarves and hobbits who did chimney impressions. So, he bought a Purify Air ring. The spell can't be maintained, so it didn't help much - more a token of resistance than anything else.

Anyway, that $100 ring became very useful one fine day. We had been slogging through an elaborate underground adventure (yes, a dungeon crawl -- they're fun for variety now and again). We were using the Sanctuary spell for some very necessary recuperating. Then someone read the description and found that the air goes stale. Voila! Ye olde Purify Air ring. So, we didn't have to return to the dungeon until we were thoroughly ready.

That story illustrates why it is so important and rewarding to develop real characters, rather than shallow stereotypes -- save for a quirk about hating smoking, how would anyone end up with a Purify Air ring?