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The Totally Realistic GURPS Optional Rules

© by Pete Vogel, Jr. a.k.a. PETEKWANDO [petekwando@aol.com]

In conjunction with the "Post Yourself as a Character" thread, I have been inspired to propose a new set of optional rules, which will accurately reflect everything about your GURPS persona. Absolutely nothing will be left out; if you adopt these rules, you will never hear the question "What does my character know?" again.

How is this accomplished, you may ask? The key lies in the Totally Realistic Character Building Concept, or T.R.C.B.C. (pronounced "truc-blrk.") All characters built using these rules start out with 5000 points. But wait; don't look up the Being of Pure Thought advantage yet. This system is totally realistic, because, unlike the basic GURPS rules, it does not assume that you are average. In fact, it does not assume you are anything!

Using these rules, disadvantages become unnecessary. Players begin by paying 1500 points for the Existence advantage. This allows your character to exist in the GM's gameworld. Next, you must buy the Animate advantage (also 1500 points,) to allow you to play a lifeform (players who wish to play small rocks or pieces of lint may skip this section.) You are now a shapeless, single-celled organism, with no sensory organs, brain, etc. Don't fret; we will get to these in time. To have access to these wonderful abilities, however, you must pay for the advantage Evolution provides. This may take up to 1000 points, depending on your needs (many kick-butt housepets have been built using this rule!)

Now you are a human (or at least close), giving you access to a whole range of character possibilities. Now its time to purchase the essentials: eyes, ears, digestive system, limbs, body hair, sex organs, you name it. The cost of each organ is left up to the GM. Make sure you check with your Gray's Anatomy -- you don't want the GM popping a nasty surprise on you a few hours into game play ("It's been about ten hours since you ate lunch -- saay, did you pay for the Colon advantage?")

But wait, the fun doesn't stop there. Remember all of those fun things you did when you were in kindergarten? Well, you may not have known it, but those were skills! The normal childhood skill package varies depending on the campaign, but here's one that is pretty universal for 20th century America:

There are also some adult skills that most of us posess, yet are completely unaware of:

There are, of course, hundreds of possible advantages, skills -- and even maneuvers! -- that could be added to these optional rules. GMs using them are encouraged to be sadis-- I mean, creative, when creating new ones. I hope you have all enjoyed this foray into Totally Realistic character creation.