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By Xiphias Gladius (ian@pentagon.io.com)

So, I was thinking about Badassness [Note: Those not familiar with the S. John Ross's action-movies rules can check them here.], and it occurred to me that swashbucklers aren't badass, but can often do most of the same things that badasses can. But they have an entirely different attitude.

So I propose two new advantages: Swashbuckler, and Total Swashbuckler.

These work almost identically to Badass and Total Badass, and cost the same, but they have the following modifications.

  1. While Swashbucklers can either kill or knock out scrubs, just like Badasses, Swashbucklers will generally usually knock 'em out, while Badasses will generally kill 'em. This is far from a hard-and-fast rule, it's merely a comment on tendencies. Similarly, while crowds of innocent bystanders part for Swashbucklers just as quickly as for Badasses, in the Swashbuckler's case, it's out of love and respect, not fear.

  2. Swashbucklers don't have the ability to swiftly and silently appear anywhere within [Move] yards. Instead, they have the ability to flamboyantly and suavely appear anywhere within [Move x2] yards. While the Badass ability to move can be thought of as a short-range Teleport ability that only works when unobserved, the Swashbuckler ability can be thought of as a short-range Flight that only works when observed. Thus, while a Badass can silently duck behind a barrel and appear behind the bad guys six yards away, a Swashbuckler can swing twelve yards on a chandelier, run up the side of a staircase, jump twelve yards from a balcony onto his horse, make a twelve-yard flying leap from rooftop to rooftop, and so forth.

  3. Not all Swashbucklers are immune to getting their shirts stuck in their fly or the flu, and their mechanical stuff can break down at dramatically appropriate moments, but to compensate, they all have Sex Appeal which is always on, at least when they are in their Swashbuckling costume. Any NPC of the appropriate gender and sexual orientation must roll a contest of Sex Appeal vs. Will whenever it could be useful to the Swashbuckler without the Swashbuckler having to do anything in particular. If the NPC loses, he or she will swoon, flirt, or offer to help out the Swashbuckler in any way possible.

    Naturally, Scrubs always lose this contest. This means, of course, that, if a male Swashbuckler (or a female disguised as male!) runs into a laundry room full of washerwomen, they will all fall for him and try to hide him.

  4. In order to take the Truly Swashbuckler advantage, the character must have a Sense of Duty to protect some large group. Duty, by itself, doesn't cut it; it has to be self-imposed. No Sense of Humor is prohibited for Swashbucklers of any level; Swashbucklers must enjoy being Swashbucklers. Lecherousness, Overconfidence, and Impulsiveness, while not strictly required, are highly recommended. Further, any Swashbuckler must have an Appearance of Attractive or above, Sex Appeal at HT or more, and at least one level of Charisma.

It should be pointed out that, while Arnie and Segal always play Badasses, and Erol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. always played Swashbucklers, there are actors who play both. Jackie Chan can do either, as can Antonio Banderas.