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“Resident Evil” Monsters

By Dirk Lancer (dirklancer@aol.com)

Here is how I translated several of the monsters from Resident Evil into GURPS.


Human corpses animated by the T-virus.

Damage: 1d-1 Cr, 1d Acid Vomit (1 yd max. range)
Skills: Brawling: 9-11

Zombies attack by grabbing and biting, usually as an All-out Attack. Even when they do not attack, zombies never defend. Occasionally they spit up acidic bile produced by the virus.

Zombies do not suffer penalties from wounds, but do suffer knockback normally. Any part of a zombie that suffers crippling damage is rendered useless or severed. Zombies can take massive amounts of damage before being destroyed, dropping after taking 2x HT in damage or HT damage to the head.


Dogs mutated and reanimated by the T-virus.

ST: 12
DX: 12
IQ: 5
HT: 12
Damage: 1d Ct bite or 1d+1 Cr leaping charge
Skills: Brawling:12, Jumping: 12, Running:12

They attack by charging and leaping at opponents with their claws or with a viscious bite.

Cerebus can be stunned by wounds and suffer knockback, but do not suffer penalties. They are fairly durable, dropping only afte suffering HTx 2 damage or HT damage to the head.

Web Spinner

Gigantic mutated spiders created by the T-virus.

ST: 12
DX: 14
IQ: 4
HT: 12/10
Damage: 1d Ct + poison bite, 3d after 10 minutes Poison (poison may be spit up to 1 yd away or spit from above)
Skills: Brawling:14, Climbing: 14

They attack with poisoned bites or by spitting their venom. They can also cling to nearly any surface, usually lurking on ceilings to drop on opponents or spit poison onto them. Female Web Spinners will occasionally have broods of young spiders that burst forth from them when killed. These spiders are treated as a swarm of 8 HT that does 1d-2 Ct damage.


Hunters are one of the more advanced products of the T- Virus, mutated humanoid killers with scaley green skin (PD:2, DR: 5) and sharp claws.

ST: 15
DX: 14
IQ: 9
HT: 12/15
Damage: 1d+1 Im/ 2d+1 Ct claws
Skills: Brawling: 15, Jumping: 14, Running: 14

They can leap great distances to attack prey (15 vertical, 30 horizontal) and have been know to decapitate opponents with one viscious slash. Hunters can be stunned and suffer knockback, but do not suffer penalties from wounds.


ST: 12
DX: 15
IQ: 10
HT: 12/ 14
Damage: 1d+1 Im/ 2d+1 Ct claws
Skills: Brawling: 16, Climbing: 15, Jumping: 15, Acrobatics: 14, Stealth: 14

Chimera are a different type of Hunter, mixed with spider genes and mutated by the T-virus. They appear as thin Hunters with spider-like limbs and features. They can cling to nearly any surface, and usually attack with their claws from above. They are also very quick and nimble, especially in the tight quarters where they usually lurk. Their skin provides them with PD: 2, DR: 4. Chimera can not be stunned and they do not suffer penalties from wounds.

Tyrant Mark I

ST: 20
DX: 12
IQ: 10
HT: 14/ 22
Damage: 2d-1 Cr fists, 2d Im/ 3d+3 Ct claw
Skills: Brawling: 17, Running: 14

Tyrant is the ultimate product of the T-virus, a highly mutated and modified killing machine. It appears are a zombie-like humanoid with exposed internal organs and a huge claw for one hand. It attacks with its powerful fists or a lethal swipe of its claw. It can cover ground with a burst of speed and quickly close with opponents. Despite its rotting appearance and exposed organs, it is surprisingly tough (PD: 3, DR: 10) and durable. It suffers no knockback or penalties from wounds and can't be stunned. It also gets a +3 Hard to Kill bonus, making it very difficult to slay.

Thats all the ones from Resident Evil 1. Next time, Resident Evil 2...