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Ring of Total Cellular Regeneration

By Fhaolan (arkemp@istar.ca)

Inspired by Dr. Who.... ;)

Basically, when you die, it's not permanent. As long as you are wearing this ring, that is. It is a simple gold ring, set with twelve emeralds when full. If you are wearing the ring when life passes you by, one of the emeralds will shatter, releasing the magic. With great fanfare and light show, your body will heal fully. However, there is a side effect.

It's not your body any more.

Your physical appearance will be completely changed, with no resembalance, even in height or weight. You will, in effect, be a different person physically. Usually, there is some mental effect as well, causing disorientation and general confusion for the first little while.

Game Terms: Well, here's your chance to recalculate you character sheet. All physical attributes, advantages, and disadvantages can be re-arranged, as long as the point total of your character does not change. Mental attributes, advantages, disadvantages, and skills will not change, although the GM may insist on some re-assignment of quirks if he/she is feeling ornery. Make up a new appearance, or have your GM make one up for you. It will be extremely difficult to convince old aquaintances of your identity, unless they observed the change, or you have done this before.