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New Spells

By Peter Brodt [brodt@ism.dtu.dk]

Spiderbolt [Missile]

This spell causes a stream of lots of little spiders to shoot from the casters hand. The subject can dodge or block this attack, although PD from body armor does not apply. The spiders will immediately attack the subject, causing discomfort and pain. The effect is as for a swarm attack of spiders. Remember, that clothing will hold off the spiders for 2 turns and armor for 5. After that, the spiders do the listed damage. There are about 1000 spiders in the swarm, which takes 5 hits to disperse. The spiders will quickly spread all over the subject, trying to penetrate armor. Multiple bolts does not deal additional damage at the same time (Spiders in 2 layers wont do any more damage than spiders in 1). When the spell ends, all the spiders drop dead instantly and curls up.

The spiderbolt has SS 13, Acc+1, 1/2D 20, Max 40.

Duration: 10 seconds
Cost: 2 for spiders doing 1d-1 damage pr turn. 3 for spiders doing 1d. Cannot be maintained.
Prerequisite: Arachnid control.

Create Spider [Regular]

This spell creates a 5 feet tall hunting spider, weighing about 200 lbs. The spider has the following stats. For an additional cost, the spider will use a strong poison (type F) otherwise it uses type A poison. A hunting spider can jump up to 3 times its own length -- treat this as a flying tackle (see p. B113). Otherwise, use the rules for Create Animal.

Poison type A:

Roll against HT-4 immediately. Failure causes 1d+1 damage. Critical failure causes death. Roll vs HT-4 again at the beginning of the each day for the next 3 days.

Modifiers to the HT roll: +1 if the venom is sucked out within 5 minutes. If all rolls are successful, the venom has no effect.

Poison type F:

Roll against HT-6 immediately. Failure causes 2d damage. Critical failure causes death. Anyone taking damage is nauseated and dizzy; -3 to all attribute checks and skill rolls for 1d hours. If the HT-6 roll is made, no damage is taken, but the victim still feels sick for 3d minutes; -3 to all attribute checks and skill rolls as above.

Spider’s stats
ST 16 Move/Dodge 7/7
Size: 2 hex
DX 15 PD/DR 2/2 Weight: 200 lbs
IQ 6 Damage: 1d imp/half damage if strongly poisonous
HT 14 Reach: R,C
Duration: 1 minute
Cost: 4 or 6 with strong venom, half to maintain
Time to cast: equal to cost, in seconds
Prerequisites: Create Water, Create Object, IQ 13+ and Create Acid (if you want to be able to create a strongly poisonous spider)

Spidervision [Regular]

The caster sprouts 6 additional eyes. In combat, all adjacent hexes are treated as front hexes. Note, that the eyes appear on the side and back of the casters head, thus the caster cannot wear a helmet covering the neck, if he wants to benefit from the additional eyes. Allow the cast to gain Peripheral Vision if the neck is covered.

Duration: 1 minute
Cost: 2 to cast, 1 to maintain
Prerequisite: Alertness or Shapeshifting (giant spider)

Steelbite [Regular]

This spell causes one weapon held by the caster to become imbued by the holy essence of the deity.

The weapon flares with either a white, shimmering light or a dull red glow depending on the deity.

Certain beings may be affected less or more, depending on the deity. A weapon with steelbite carried by a follower of a good deity could cause +1 extra damage for each energy point against undead.

Duration: 1 turn
Cost: 1-3, the weapon damage is increased by 1d-1 for each point of energy.

Emotionalize [Area; Resisted by IQ-2]

This extremely powerful spell plays upon the strongest emotion in the subjects. Since the spell only enhances natural feelings and urges, it is more difficult to resist. The caster doesn't know which emotions are played upon.

The GM chooses the most appropriate emotion and uses the game effect of the corresponding spell or disadvantage. Remember, that the effect of this spell should be roleplayed. Also, when the effect resembles a disadvantage, the emotion should be played to the fullest.

Emotion Effect
Love See below 1)
Fear Panic (p. 56)
Hate Berserker (p. 57)
Sadness Mass Daze (p. 57)
Lust As the Lecherousness disadvantage
Joy Must be roleplayed!
Anger As the Bad Temper disadvantage
Peace Mass Daze (p. 57)
Greed As the Greed disadvantage
Unrest Madness (p. 58)
Jealousy As the Jealousy disadvantage
Depression Mass Daze (p. 57)
Patriotism As the Fanatism disadvantage
Boredom Mass Sleep (p. 57)
Bravery Bravery (p. 56)
Loyalty Bravery (p. 56)
Hunger As the Gluttony disadvantage, just much worse!
Duration: As the appropriate spell; Otherwise 10 minutes
Cost: 3; cannot be maintained
Time to cast: 2 seconds
Prerequisite: Emotion Control