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Modifications by Jens Alm

© 1996 Jens Alm (d95jal@efd.lth.se)

OK, these rules are originally written in Swedish, so I will summarize them for you in English (they are actually more slight modifications than new rules).

New Hit-Table for Long-Distance Combat

The hit-table in GURPS is clearly made for close-combat situations (differentiating between far and near leg and weapon arm versus shield arm, for instance). I have therefore added a hit table, with new to-hit penalties, to use for long-distance combat.
When hitting an arm or a leg, roll a die; even means left, odd means right.

This table is based on the penalties for size on page B201, although Body is made a little bit easier to hit. Also, as on the original table, an attack aimed for a bodypart and missing by one hits an adjacent area (normally body, arm if aiming at hand, leg if aiming at foot).

New Magic Rules

These rules are actually just a variation of the standard rules, I made them because my player kept complaining on the prerequisite system (it takes years to make a magician). The magic rules redefine the advantage Magical Aptitude and introduces the advantage Magic College. This new system does not use the prerequisites concerned with spells, however, any prerequisites concerning stats, magery or anything else except spells still apply.

As this system makes it easier to get high powered spells, I have made many of those spells that previously required long lists of prerequisites M/VH. If used in combination with my new skill system, this works out pretty good.

Magical Aptitude (10 pts per lvl)

This advantage allows the character to practice the art of magic. Characters without this advantage are unable to participate in magic rituals or throw magic spells except in high mana and very high mana areas. The level of magical aptitude acts as a bonus to all spells the character know (however, the character must have the Magic College advantage to be able to learn spells). In a normal campaign, a PC can only have up to three levels of Magical Aptitude.

Magic College (5 pts)

In order to learn spells, the character must have this advantage. For each college the character wants to learn spells in he must buy this advantage. Example: If the character wants to be able to learn spells from the Animal College, he must take the advantage Magic College (Animal) for 5 points. If he also wants to learn the Water college, he will pay 5 more points for the advantage Magic College (Water).

This system usually makes the characters more concentrated in a few areas and avoids a some of the jack-of-all-trades syndrome I have experienced when making mages for GURPS

I hope you find these rule modifications interesting and perhaps even useful.