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The Halfling Rangers

by a little fish in a big pond

[Note: This Martial Arts "style" is a prefect match for the Western Halflings. -- Incanus] The halfling is an unusually peaceful species, and as such has not developed in the combat arts as most have. However, they can be fierce fighters, and in times of war, their natural talents for stealth and accuracy can turn into a deadly combination with just a little pressure.

This "art" can be considered a sort of "encoded racial trait", in that it takes only a little training to achieve the basics, and halflings, by virtue of their natural abilities, will do well in it once they've learned the basics. I have presented a second art intended for those few halflings with a taste for war who pursue this style further than is necessary for immediate needs...

COST: 6 points

Primary Skills: Area Knowledge, Bow, Knife, Stealth, Throwing
Note: Area Knowledge is not additional training; it is something the halfling should already have; if not, add +1 point to the martial art cost.

Secondary Skills: None

Optional Skills: Tracking is sometimes known to the halflings.

Maneuvers: Hit Location (Bow), Hit Location (Throwing)

Cinematic Skills: None

Cinematic Maneuvers: None

Advanced Halfing Warfare

Primary Skills: Acrobatics, Bow, Knife, Stealth, Throwing, Tracking

Secondary Skills: None

Maneuvers: Hit Location (Bow), Hit Location (Throwing), Hit Location (Throwing Art), Breakfall (Acrobatics)

Cinematic Skills: Judo, Jumping, Invisibility Art, Light Walk, Push, Throwing Art
Note: Whether they are or not, Judo and Jumping are treated as cinematic skills requiring Trained by a Master to train in as part of this art; with them, however, the halfling can jump as high as a human, and fight with much larger creatures without serious penalties! Invisibility Art normally requires Hypnotism; for the naturally stealthy halflings this has been waived in this martial art.

Cinematic Maneuvers: Arm/Wrist Lock (Judo), Disarming (Judo), Finger Lock (Judo), Enhanced Dodge [15], Roll With Blow (Acrobatics), Silent Fall (Acrobatics)

New Maneuver

Silent Fall (Hard) Acrobatics

Prerequisites: Acrobatics, Stealth 16+

Allows the martial artist to drop great distances silently. The martial artist attempting a silent fall makes an Acrobatics roll at a penalty equal to the standard "range modifier"; thus, falling 10 yards gives a -4 to the roll. An acrobat who is not trained in this maneuver takes an additional -3 to the attempt. On a successful roll, treat even a long fall as if the character was still "being stealthy".