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Some time ago I have designed several FileMaker Pro databases as a convenient way to keep track of NPCs, races and vehicles (particularly spaceships) in my GURPS campaigns. However, it wasn't until someone on rec.games.frp.gurps asked for help that I realized that many GMs have problems similar to those that urged me to design those files in the first place. So I took a look at those files again and made some minor improvements and changes, and here they are for all to see and use.

First of all, you have to have Claris FileMaker Pro, version 3.0 -- you can’t read the files with older versions. I have used Macintosh to design those files, so the Windows users will probably have to modify the layouts to include their own fonts, which shouldn’t be difficult since I have used only those in the System (just change Geneva and Helvetica to Arial, and Times and Palatino to Times New Roman). And, yes: all the layouts were designed for A4 paper sheets.

Here follow the short descriptions of the files:

This is a simple database which includes most of the things necessary for a majority of NPCs: all the stats, detailed equipment, biography etc. It has only two layouts: the character sheet, and a list of all characters with their names, short descriptions and point values. I have included three sample characters from my space campaign, Tetrada, to give an idea how the file works -- feel free to use them as you like.

Races & Templates:
Some gameworlds -- particularly Space -- have numerous races, and this file presents an easy way to store them all. This is also useful for “package deals”, i.e. pre-designed templates for some large groups with same traits, like priests. I've again included some examples, but here it is more than 30 races from my campaign located in the Middle-earth of the “Lord of the Rings”. The field “Type” is customized to this setting, but it’s easy to modify it.

My biggest problem when designing vehicles was the endless recalculating of the final values, especially when trying to fit an existing model into the system. So I designed this file to aid me in that: it calculates how much space, mass and money is alredy used, and tells you how much remains -- if you go over the limit the numbers turn red. You can also put a picture on the sheet, as well as some other useful details and notes.
The file was designed according to the first edition of GURPS Vehicles; it’s not so suitable for the Second Edition because that edition has a completely different approach to vehicle creation.

Distribution note: Those files are “emailware” -- if you like them and use them, simple drop me a note to incanus@bigfoot.com. They can be freely distributed and modified as long as you don’t remove my little copyright notices.

You can download the GURPS Files in any of the two formats:

Copyright © 1996-98 Berislav Lopac