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GM's Aid

By Ben Birney, Syzygy Cult Software

GM's Aid is an aid to the GURPS® role-playing system for the Macintosh computer. It is essentially a database program, a calculator, a dice roller, and a character sheet all rolled into one. We designed it to help both GURPS® GMs and players keep track of vital statistics and information. It is not designed as a replacement to the GURPS books, merely a supplement. Cataloging the immense amount of GURPS® literature into one program would be both awkward and large.

GM's Aid has three major functions: Keeping track of characters, keeping track of miscellaneous information such as weapons, skills, advantages, etc., and performing calculations/rolling dice.

Download GM's Aid (350 KB)

Contacting the Syzygy Cult

Our WWW site is at: http://www.biddeford.com/~benyc/home.html
Our FTP site is at: ftp://river.biddeford.com/pub/benyc
The Syzygy Cult e-mail address is at: syzygycult@aol.com
Ben Birney's e-mail address is at: benyb2@aol.com or benjamin_birney@onf.com

Please e-mail us about any bugs you find or any suggestions for a new version. We will (hopefully) continue to release sets for GM's Aid as we get more GURPS books. We'd love to get yours too.