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Excel CharSheet

by Neko2048 (Neko2048@aol.com)

This is a blank Excel CharSheet that can be used for all non-fantasy GURPS characters. Please note that the slash next to move should be adjusted by the player to accurately reflect his adjusted move (due to encumbrance). The space between the calculation box and the Unused Character Points line is for entering Parry and Block information.

The system is set up to give the player the five points for Quirks automatically, but can easily be adjusted if this is not the GM's default.

The space below for the characters thrust and swing base damages is left blank for the player to fill in as needed.

Weapons, equipment and other items will need to be filled in by the player after stats, skills, etc. are complete.

I have a separate sheet for fantasy characters (which includes a magic section), but not on the system I am currently using (at work).

Let me know if you think this is up to snuff. Comments are always useful (as long as they're constructive).

You can download the Excel CharSheet here (9kB).