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Things that go “BOOM!”

By Mike Hayden (mh011763@aol.com)

While working on a GURPS Morrow Project conversion, I noticed GURPS did not have a decent set of values for the various grenades that can be found in a MP game.

Most notable was the (almost) complete lack of munitions avaible for the M-79, M-203 and HK-69A 40mm grenade launchers. So... (drum roll please) ... I give to you ... MORE GRENADES!!!!!

First: Hand Thrown, Land mines and Demolitions

Grenade Type Damage Wt Fuse NOTES
M26A1 EXP 5d+2 [2] 1 4 Fragmentation Grenade.
M34 WP 2d 1.75 4 Spreads WP fragments over a 5 hex radius. Creates a smoke cloud.
Fragmentation damage is 1d/sec if hit. Burns for 60 seconds.
AN-M8 Smoke --- 1.5 2 Creates a 60'x12' cloud of dense smoke.
Burns 120 Seconds.
M6 CN-DM GAS SPCL 1 2 Creates a 60'x12' cloud of "Tear/ Vomit Gas".
Burns 60 Seconds.
M7A3 CS GAS SPCL 1 2 Creates a 60'x12' cloud of "Tear Gas".
Burns 60 Seconds.
M9A1 BZ GAS SPCL 1 2 Creates a 60'x12' cloud of gas that causes slowing of physical and mental activity, disorientation, and hallucinations. The effects last for up to 6 hours. Burns 60 sec.
AN-M14 TH3 ? 2 2 Thermite. Will burn a hole through one-half inch hardened steel (DR 100).
Mk3A2 EXP 6d 1 4 No fragmentation. Prepackaged demo charge of .5 LB TNT.
Mk1 ILL --- .75 7 Illuminates a 100 yard radius as bright as day. Burns for 25 seconds.
M25 AP 2d .25 0 Landmine. All damage is taken by the foot, or tires on a vehicle.
M16A1 AP 3dx2 [2] 8 -- Landmine. Tripwire or Pressure detonation.
M18A1 AP 100/3 3.5 -- Claymore mine. Cone of fire 50 hexes long, 50 hexes wide at end.
M112 C4 6dx4 1.25 -- Detonated by primer cord, blasting cap, or explosion.

Second: 40mm Grenade Launcher Ammo

for use in M-79, M-203, HK-69A and M-17 Automatic Grenade Launchers

Grenade Type Damage Wt NOTES
M381 EXP 2d+2 [2] .5 Fragmentation Grenade.
M433 HEDP 2d(5) [2] .5 Fragmentation Grenade with anti-armor capability.
M651 CS GAS SPCL .75 Creates a 8'x14' cloud of "Tear Gas". Can penetrate a window before exploding.
M576E2 CR 3d (x4) .5 40mm "Buckshot" round. Treat as a 4 round burst of 3d.
M583 ILL --- .5 Shot into air. Parachute flare burns 40 seconds, illuminating a 200 yard circle.
STARSHELL --- --- .5 M585 (white), M663 (green), M664 (red).
Releases 5 "stars" that burn 7 - 11 seconds. Can be seen in daylight.
STUNBAG --- 12d .5 Damage is knockback. Target takes 1 point damage for every 6 rolled.