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Blood Magic

By Shumway (polystyreneman@hotmail.com)

For 5 character points, a character may be given the ability to use blood to power spells. Blood Magic can be very powerful, but is much slower than standard spellcasting. After properly taking the blood from either herself or another sentient being, the caster must carefully write out the runes appropriate to the spell. Once the runes are drawn, she must concentrate on them before the spell will take effect.


New skill. Mental/Hard, based on Health. A successful roll will provide the character with blood appropriate for spellcasting, and will inflict one hit damage. One bloodletting from a sentient creature will provide enough blood for (HT+ST)/2 mana. Failure means that the blood gained is not appropriate for spellcasting, but the hit of damage is inflicted anyway. Critical failure causes 1d damage, while Critical Success doubles the amount of mana provided by the blood (i.e., to ST+HT mana).

Activate Runes

After the runes have been drawn, the caster must roll against her Activate Runes skill to have the spell take effect. The roll is affected by the number of runes used in the spell and the nature of the blood used. Subtract one from effective skill for each rune after the second. Subtract four for the blood of a stranger, two for the blood of an acquaintance, and one for the blood of a loved one or close relative. The mage's own blood is used without penalty.