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Just had a thought for a possible campaign style...

GURPS Anime Ideas

by Flynn Leek (bobcat@dcn.davis.ca.us)

Basically, one can play just about any gaming world, but it'd probably have a lot of the 'cinematic' and 'silly' optional stuff thrown in. Martial arts would be almost a necessity for daily survival. Given the general feel of the campaign, this could be played as anywhere from a dark and serious feel, to something akin to a TOON game.

Think of it! Given the average anime show, you can come up with a whole slew of advantages and disadvantages.

Love Triangle (-5/-10 points disadvantage)
Player is involved romantically in some fashion with two other people. This results in either friendly rivalry for affection (5 point version) or outright combat to remove the person being fought over (10 points). The exact nature of the relationship is left up to the player or GM. This can be taken multiple times for really confusing situations...

Secret Love (Variable points disadvantage)
Character is in love with another character, but, for various reasons, it is kept secret. There are three catagories for who can know about the secret love: The intended target (most common), The character (He loves her, he just doesn't want to admit it, not even to himself), and everyone else in the campaign. For each category that doesn't know, add three points. If they know, but are just keeping quiet about it, they're only worth 1 point. If a rival is involved somehow, add five points.

Spectacular Maneuver (Phyical/Hard skill)
This skill is bought for a specific weapon or martial arts maneuver. Basically, it lets the character do something incredibly nasty with that attack. Examples include shattering a sword with your bare hands, or leaping 12 feet into the air and bringing your fist down do smash a hole in the pavement. These are usually fairly impressive displays of force. One declares that you are performing the action, then rolls for success, then the attack's to-hit. This counts as an all-out attack, and is completed at the end of your next action. If it works, add 4 to your damage, or something equally impressive.

Super Maneuver (Phyical/Hard skill)
As above, but even more so. The character's body crackles with power, the sword cuts thru the object, leaving it intact until it falls in two peices a second later... In a silly, toonish game, this will always knock an opponent silly, and will probably make a red smear of bit characters in a more serious campaign. It operates the same way as the above skill, except that one must have an impressive name for the action, of not less than three words long: Firey Dragon Punch, or Thousand-Hand Tornado...

Incredibly Impressive Maneuver (Phyical/Hard skill)
As above, but a truly massive display of power and skill. The catch is it can only be used once each game session, and then only against a powerful foe. At this level, feel free to explode parts of the human body with a touch, project your life force energy in a dragon-shaped blast of power, crumble buildings by causing a localized earthquake, or something else equally fun. This skill requires you to call out it's name, loudly, when it's being used, a name which must be of no less than five words. The more impressive-sounding, the better. This should knock out any foe in a silly campaign, or utterly destroy something in a more serious one...

Doesn't Know Martial Arts (-15 points disadvantage)
Just that; includes hand weapon styles and the like.

See Lecherousness.

And if you're thinking of roleplaying a game involving that sort of anime... well... all I can say is good luck, and get help. I'm not listing the point values for... tentacles; that can be used as Extra Hands.