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This page lists many ideas, rules and opinions for GURPS, created by me and other fellow gamers, which I have collected mostly from various postings to the GURPS Usenet newsgroup. Considering how long (ie. short) various news servers keep the articles, it's highly unlikely that you can find these stuff elsewhere, with the possible exception of the DejaNews.

Note that the [NEW!] images below designate items that are either added or updated in the past two months. Unfortunately, additions and updates are made on a quite irregular basis, and I have no mailing list to inform you of them; however, if you wish to keep track of new additions, I suggest you to try the NetMind.

If you have any comments on the rules and variants presented here, or are looking for a page to post your own material, feel free to email me at incanus@incanus.com.

Note for Japanese visitors: A partial translation of the "GURPS Rare Items" into Japanese has been made available here.

GURPS Modifications and Rules

General Rules

  1. GURPS Card System by Joe Goforth
  2. A Fantasy Encounter Table by Benson Fong

Character Points

  1. Guidelines: Point Values for Unaging Characters by Incánus
  2. Extended Lifespan Point Cost by Nana Yaw Ofori
  3. The Totally Realistic GURPS Optional Rules by Pete Vogel, Jr.

Character Templates

  1. Western Halflings by JStaik1043
  2. The Halfling Rangers by a little fish in a big pond
  3. The "Magical Soldier" Template by C. Richard Davies
  4. Basic Template for Army Infantry by Andrew Priestley

Basic Attributes

  1. Fatigue & Endurance in GURPS by Incánus
  2. Conversion of Real-Life IQ to GURPS IQ by Stephan Zielinski

Advantages & Disadvantages

  1. New Advantages and Disadvantages by various
  2. Revision of the Common Sense Advantage by Thomas Barnes
  3. Notes on the Weirdness Magnet Advantage by Robert Kelk and the Rev. Mr. JOEL, Esq.
  4. Some Swashbuckler's Disadvantages by Brett N. Pasinella
  5. Swashbucklers! by Xiphias Gladius
  6. The Color of Money: Revised Wealth Rules by Incánus
  7. Mike's House Rules by Michael Brown


  1. Literacy and Alphabets by Incánus
  2. Language Defaults by Bill Seurer
  3. Home-grown Skills by Rossco Jenkins
  4. Zapskills by LEG
  5. Skill Deterioration by David Edelstein
  6. Mental Maneuvers by Dr. Kromm


  1. New Defense Rules by Incánus
  2. Left-handedness in Combat by Bryan J. Maloney
  3. New Hit-Table for Long-Distance Combat by Jens Alm
  4. Clarifications on Initiative by dr Kromm
  5. Simpler GURPS Guns Combat by David L. Pulver
  6. GURPS Combat Cards by Tycho
  7. Logarithmic GURPS Damage System (LGDS) by Anthony Jackson
  8. Modifications for GURPS Combat by Incánus

Magic & Superpowers

  1. New Magic Rules by Jens Alm
  2. Detect Magic: A Somewhat Useless Spell by Nana Yaw Ofori
  3. Psychic Magic by Curtis Shenton
  4. Blood Magic by Shumway
  5. New Spells by Peter Brodt
  6. Strobe Effect by SD Anderson
  7. A Variety of Mages by Travis Foster

Low-Tech Weaponry, Equipment & Magical Items

  1. Mechanical Artillery by Nana Yaw Ofori
  2. Body Armor Suits for Various Sizes by Pauli Hakala
  3. Favorite Magical Trinkets by Lance Berg (and others)
  4. Ring of Total Cellular Regeneration by Fhaolan
  5. More Magical Trinkets by thomas "a little fish in a big pond" weigel

High- & Ultra-Tech Weaponry, Equipment & Gadgets

  1. Things that go "BOOM!" by Mike Hayden
  2. M34 White Phosphorous Hand Grenade (Smoke) by Steven A. Smith
  3. Near-Future Telecom by LEG
  4. Smart Things by LEG
  5. Smart Paper by LEG
  6. Ink Bug by LEG
  7. Tattoo Field by LEG
  8. Smartblades by Geoffrey Brent
  9. Robosword by Miguel Sostre
  10. Force Staff by Keith Haun

Specific Settings

  1. GURPS Spelljammer Rules by Winterchilde
  2. "Resident Evil" Monsters by Dirk Lancer
  3. "Resident Evil" Monsters -- Part 2 by Dirk Lancer
  4. GURPS Anime Ideas by Flynn Leek
  5. GURPS Manga Rules by Don
  6. GURPS Pokemon by Don
  7. Battletech to GURPS Conversion Notes, V2.0 by Brandon Cope


  1. The Lost Scrolls of Notankhamun by Tony Smith

GURPS Middle-earth

Although most of the modern fantasy roleplaying settings have their origin in the "Lort of the Rings" and other works of J.R.R. Tolkien, many of them are very different from his ideas. As I was dissatisfied with Iron Crown Enterprises' MERP system (they have since lost the licence, which now belongs to Decipher) I have developed several GURPS rules and additions necessary for gaming in the world of Middle-earth.

  1. GURPS Rules for Middle-earth Campaigns by Incánus
  2. Middle-earth Races in GURPS by Incánus
  3. Middle-earth Names by Incánus
  4. Magic in Middle-earth by Incánus

GURPS Utilities

  1. The GURPS Files: an easy system for storing your characters, races and vehicles; by Incanus
  2. A couple of very useful GURPS Excel Macros by Douglas H Cole
  3. GURPS Vehicles Maker, an Excel spreadsheet by Terras
  4. GM's Aid, a GURPS character design program for Macintosh by Ben Birney of the Syzygy Cult
  5. Excel CharSheet by Neko2048
  6. Long Distance Overland Movement (PDF file) by Incánus

Disclaimer: The material posted here is the respectable authors' own take on material created and provided by Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

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