Made it through the storm

Although Redmond (and the 3Sharp offices) lost power last Thursday night, we had power again by Saturday and were able to get back up and running Saturday afternoon, with only one minor glitch that was straightened out this morning. To celebrate, here are a couple of quick links:

  • Visual Studio 2005 SP1 is released. It includes the Web Application Projects, so if you’ve installed the stand-alone download from last May, uninstall it before running SP1 setup.
  • ASP.NET AJAX RC1 is released. Big change: the server-side components have changed namespaces into the System namespace, breaking existing server-side code (client-side JavaScript code should be fine).
  • Exchange 2007 RTM evaluation builds are released. Remember, the 32-bit version is only for evaulation, training, and testing; you must run 64-bit in production (where “production” is generally understood to be “a real mailbox that someone actually uses”; no setting up a 32-bit “test lab” for a pseudo-dogfood testing group as an end-run!)