A camper’s concoction by any other name

Can you still call it a s’more when:

  • You’re using Nutella instead of chocolate squares

  • You’re using pre-sized graham cracker squares

  • You’re using a propane grill to toast the marshmellows
While we may not know the ultimate answer, we Washington Gangers are firmly committed to further research in as many upcoming evenings as possible. We will uncover the truth behind this mystery, for science!

In other news, life has been busy lately (as is probably obvious from my decreased blogging frequency).

  • Work is taking up most of my time. Between research and writing, I’m working for longer periods of the day than I’d like to be (I’m sitting in front of the TV with the laptop while the family watches a movie). What few spare hours of time I’ve had have gone to paying freelance jobs. This means there are still a few IT-related tasks (like getting email straightened out and some websites set up) around the house that I haven’t gotten to. Things should ease up a bit this week.

  • We’re struggling to maintain a consistent schedule for the family. Summer blew everything out of the water and Steph’s medical problems haven’t helped (and neither have my hours). Happily, we seem to have finally gotten some key pieces of the puzzle in place over the last couple of months and Steph’s health is slowly but steadily improving.

  • I finally seem to be getting over my health issues. My allergies haven’t been nearly as bad lately and the viral infection in my ear is finally gone. I still have lingering problems with pressure, but they’re pretty easy to fix now, and I’m not spending most of my time dizzy. This is a nice change.

  • This last weekend, I absolutely had to take a break from computers. We were able to purchase several shelves from a local independent bookstores that closed their doors. They were about 2″ too tall to get into our house, so we got to modify them. Due to a couple of recalcitrant power tools and their rechargeable batteries, it took both Saturday and Sunday. The results, however, are stupendous. We have a lot more storage and the rooms feel a lot lighter, and we’ve replaced all of our Sauder units for real solid wood.

Okay, now I’ve seen an entire anime title: Spirited Away. No thanks. The visual style wasn’t nearly as painful as I find most anime and manga to be — the backgrounds in particular were usually stunning, even if the people and monsters were just odd — but the culture shock more than made up for it. Japanese mythology is weird and not in a way that my brain finds engaging. I realize that anime isn’t a genre, but whatever it is, the closest I want to get to it is Titan A.E. — and if that makes me gaijin, so be it.