Good-bye Vacation, helloooo iPod!

Why do I continue to set seemingly unreachable goals for my off-time? You’d think that three days of vacation followed by two days of weekend would be enough time to get a bunch of stuff done, right?

Rhetorical questions aside, while the vacation was good, it will be nice to get back to work. All this week, I’ll be heading into the Grand Hyatt in Seattle for a five-day Exchange conference. Steph will effectively have the house to herself during the days, which is going to be some much-needed separation for the two of us. That’s the downside of working from home — if she’s home a lot, we’re in each other’s hair all day long and that not good for either of us. Besides, this will be my first conference in which I’m not presenting, proctoring, or somehow tied to the creation of content, and it will be a welcome change of pace (not to mention chock-full of great advanced Exchange content and a great place to meet up with some more of my peers in the industry) to sip from the firehose of ongoing education.

At least I’ll have one of the major downsides of the commute to Seattle beat this time, thanks to my new 40GB iPod. Although it’s not shiny new (I bought it from a friend who upgraded), it’s my first iPod and provides proof that I’m moving farther along the path of the Apple cult. Much angsting of peripherals later, I settled on combination case/flat panel speaker that allows me to use it in the car (albeit not with the car’s stereo — those are $40 and more) and in my office.