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The Next Day; a beginning

[Editorial note: The Next Day is a working title for now. I do not plan on publishing it on the Internet at this time, beyond what is here. I will be starting to work again on Silicon Cats and new chapters will be posted as they are completed.] They were dancing again, keeping effortless pace […]


This King kick and the power of words

Several months back, I bought the fifth novel (The Wolves of Calla)in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series for Steph. After we read it, we got the final two books from the library and read them. Since then, I’ve been on a bit of a Stephen King kick. I haven’t been reading everything he’s written, but […]


Active Directory fun: How to verify the presence of an attribute in your schema

Alerted by an old net.friend The Cerebrate via his blog, I was stunned to discover that the Windows Server 2003 flavor of the Active Directory schema seems to include an attribute named drink, which is meant to store a person or object’s favorite drink. I confirmed that this attribute is at least present in the […]


Cookbook progress

The Exchange Server Cookbook (final title) is still on schedule for a June release. We finished the final author hands-on review stage a week or two back and got to see our cover this week. (Yes, it’s a baboon; our editor Robbie told us that this was what the art department came up with from […]


I blame Shel

I’d have posted it directly here, but some of the safety features were biting me in the ass. Either that or the quiz has really lame HTML. Steph and I vote for the latter. So, on to my LJ to see the Star Wars quiz…


Ecubed, Day 4: More Exchange SMTP virtual server myths

During today’s session, Konstantin directed our attention to SMTP Virtual Server Myths Exposed a particularly useful and classic post from the Exchange product team blog, You Had Me At EHLO (you are reading that , right?). We used that post as a launching point for a good discussion about having multiple SMTP virtual servers on […]


Ecubed, Day 3: A neat SMTP connection restriction trick

For the rest of the week, I’m in the Securing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003: Defense in Depth class taught by Microsoft’s Konstantin Ryvkin. Konstantin is another extremely knowledgeable member of the Microsoft IT team and is again giving us a unique and valuable look into the principles he is teaching by showing us how Microsoft […]


Yo Missy!

Um, Missy dear, what exactly have you been telling the fine Exchange ladies and gentlemen about me? I’m taking an incredible ration of shit from the assorted suspects and they keep mentioning your name. And Tom, your name has gotten taken in vain more than once. And for the record, my kilt shows off what […]


Ecubed, Day 2: Getting more out of NTBackup; Jetstress UI

It’s pronounced ee-cubed, not ek-yoo-bed. You know, E to the third power. Dave gave us a thorough description of the past, current, and proposed plans for the production Exchange deployment at Microsoft. I wasn’t at all surprised to find out that Microsoft is using disk-to-disk backup for their Exchange databases, but I was more than […]


Ecubed, Day 1: A word about write caching and Exchange databases

I’m spending this week at the Exchange Emergent Evolution (Ecubed) conference in downtown Seattle. It’s a small, intimate gathering for technically minded Exchange professionals to get together and get the latest and greatest advanced training. The big downer is that there’s no wireless connectivity, so I can’t blog from the conference. On the other hand, […]


Good-bye Vacation, helloooo iPod!

Why do I continue to set seemingly unreachable goals for my off-time? You’d think that three days of vacation followed by two days of weekend would be enough time to get a bunch of stuff done, right? Rhetorical questions aside, while the vacation was good, it will be nice to get back to work. All […]