The demise of SunSolve as we know it

Sun has long had an impressive amount of documentation and support material on their website, in the form of SunSolve. That appears to be changing in the near future. From the Sunsolve website:

At least this doesn’t appear to be affecting their online documentation.

This is, in my opinion, not the smartest move for Sun to be making. It really makes me wonder why they are bothering to open source Solaris, if they’re going to shut off a lot of the support content that is currently available to the Sun community and instead make it dependent on having purchased a support contract. The open source operating systems have most of this information publicly accessible; heck, even Microsoft makes it available.

Sun enthusiasts need to contact Sun and urge them to rethink this. I’m not sure who to talk to, but someone at Sun must know. I’ll try linking to Jonathan Schwartz’s blog and hope he sees the trackback. It doesn’t look like the software they’re using supports trackbacks, though.

I’m posting this entry to the Sun Rescue mailing list, run by Bill Bradford of and invite folks to blog about this. Feel free to trackback to this entry; it will be interesting to see how far this can go.

[Edit: I forgot to check Bill Bradford’s blog before I posted this, or I would have seen his post about this and linked to it originally. Sorry, Bill.