Windows Server 2003 SP1

Windows Server 2003 SP1 is out. Read more about it and grab it from Microsoft (where else?). Highlights include:

  • Available for 32-bit x86 and Itanium systems (all 25 of them)
  • CD, single machine installer via Windows Update, or multi-machine network installer
  • Release notes at KB 889101
  • List of fixes listed in KB 824721
  • Updated Support Tools listed in KB KB 892777 (such as LDP, one I work with a lot)
  • Introduces the Security Configuration Wizard, a role-based tool that helps you tighten down your box’s services, ports, registry, and audit settings
  • Windows Firewall is included (related to the code in Windows XP SP2), as are Group Policy updates for Windows Firewall management
  • Introduces Post-Setup Security Updates, which blocks incoming network traffic on newly installed machines until they’re updated with the latest patches
  • Data Execution Prevention is now supported on appropriate hardware
  • Increased security for RPC and DCOM
  • VPN Quarantine! Very much looking forward to this one
  • WebDAV Redirector, Ineternet Explorer, and Outlook Express security updates

The Lego Mars Rover

As soon as I learned about it, I’ve always wanted the Lego Mars Rover.

Unfortunately, we never had the money for it until recently. So I
headed to the Lego website and it turns out the thing is out print.
This will not stop me, oh no. A bit of Googling later and I manage to
find it for $40 off of the KBToys online store (retail $90).

I’ve got photos in my gallery, and a list of small .avi format videos below:

  1. Deploying the mast, rotating the mast and dish (13 seconds; 594KB)
  2. A look at the steering linkage in action (19 seconds; 734KB)
  3. Extending/retracting the arm and the using the steering mechanism (20 seconds, 841KB)
  4. Folding and unfolding the rover (25 seconds, 1,049KB)