Peeking into the Asperger’s Syndrome mind

I am reliably informed that people without Asperger’s Syndrome or some other form of autism will have trouble grokking the inherent rightness of the following statements:

  1. Without considering any of the other criteria such as sound quality, archive durability, or storage capabilities, CDs are inherently superior to cassettes because they are random access rather than serial access. That is, when I am listening to a CD I do not have to listen to an entire side; I can skip directly to the desired song and just listen to that.
  2. Going to see doctors in the middle of the day inevitably causes difficulties because if they prescribe medicine, they tend to prescribe doses per day. A prescription of four capsules 3x a day is especially annoying; you need to wait until the next day to start the medicine.

Don’t waste the time to post the logical fallicies in these statements. I’m smart enough to know them. This is the bitch of Asperger’s; I am simultaneously smart enough to effortlessly fathom Automatic Music Search, the concept that it’s okay to listen to just a portion of a side of a cassette, the virtual day consisting of 24 hours from the present time, and other measures people take for granted. I still find that it requires a lot of energy and effort to put those into effect. Sometimes I don’t bother; I have to pick my battles with my brain.

Oh, and do not call me an Aspie or whatever the fuck it is some Asperger’s folks call themselves. I loathe it. I am a person who happens to suffer from Asperger’s; I am not the mental equivalent of some fucking Trekkie who needs a special name and recognition badge to feel special. I am not the sum of my flaws. My Asperger’s does not define who I am or why I am interesting.